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Acne & Scarring Treatments

Acne breakouts are distressing enough, but the scars they can leave behind have a lasting effect on the confidence you have in yourself and your skin. The good news is that if you’re looking for acne and scarring treatment in Leicester then Nature’s Essence Pro can help. And the best of it? Ongoing weekly acne & scarring treatments are included as part of your all inclusive membership package. These treatments deliver outstanding results especially in combination with a HIFU Facial.

Why consider Acne & Scarring Treatment?

  • You’d like to rejuvenate your complexion
  • You have light acne scarring and would like to iron out any minor skin imperfections
  • You’ve suffered with heavy acne scarring
  • You’d like to improve your overall skin condition

Why choose Nature’s Essence Pro?

  • No obligation FREE consultation
  • Qualified experts create a bespoke programme to treat your acne and scarring
  • On going advice to suit your individual needs
  • Non-Invasive technology


What Next?

Would you like younger looking skin without the need for injections or surgery?

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